What do you mean Girl 3?! 0.0 I won’t let that happen. *grabs my husband back*

Ren ♥

((I didn’t expect it from his route. It’s always the quiet ones. haha… One more HE to go!))


Which do you like choose???
Please share your opinon!!!!!

Haku <3

Aw. It’s such an honor that they followed me. I’ve only played two games that they released which is Love Academy and Summer Snow. And I like it both, especially Summer Snow. I love the bg music and voices of the characters. Plus, I can relate to the story. hehe. :)

How do you save the high-res CGs in MFW Party? :( I tried doing what I do in Gree but it doesn’t work. How?

MFW Party ~ Summer Festival Date (to be updated)

Yamato’s Route

1. A - Did you hear that?

2. A - What hairstyle do you like? —> not sure with this one

3. A - It hurts a little bit.




*clears throat*

Hello guys! Time surely passes quickly. It’s been a year since I started this tumblr blog dedicated to otome games and visual novels. And I never imagined that I would be followed by more than 500 who share same interest as mine.

I would like to thank all of you for following me and staying with me. I appreciate it a lot. So to thank you, I’m doing this giveaway.



  • Of course, you should be following me since it’s a giveaway for my followers.
  • Like or reblog to gain an entry. If you do both, you have two entries. However, you may only reblog once.
  • Giveaway will end on July 31,2014, 11:59 PM. GMT+8.
  • I will pick three winners via
  • Once I picked the winners, be sure your ask box is open. You have one week to reply. If you fail, I will pick another winner.



  • 1st prize - (1) Hodge Podge Dangler, (1) Mobile Buddy/Dust plug, (1) Bookmark and 3 Paid Line Stickers.
  • 2nd prize - 2 Paid Line Stickers
  • 3rd prize - 1 Paid Line Sticker

PS: You may choose any sticker but it must be available in my country too so I can send it to you.


Sample of:

Hodge Padge Dangler:


Mobile Buddy/Dust plug and Bookmark 


The winner can choose the design. You can pick any of your favorite otome character. Just tell me. ^_^

2 more weeks until the giveaway. :3