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Be My Princess Season 1 and 2 - 100 Combinations [Best Combination Voting Campaign] Jpn GREE

Here are the list of the top 100 different combinations that were voted ^^ Phwuu, this must be the longest (image) post I’ve ever posted thus far :p

A little math here: There are 34 characters in total available for voting. With combination of 2, 34C2 = 561 different combinations ∑(゚Д゚) There’s a helluva choice to make :p

Oliver x Werner is currently first :p My eyes were playing tricks on me :( I thought it was Roberto x Alberto! Damn, the grandfather and grandson combi looked too alike XD

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Wee~ Oliver and Werner!

Haru being a bully is what attracted me to him too.i noticed that I tend to like the perverted and mean at first but also has a sweet side to them. Those are my favorite to play.

Ah I see. Hehe… Well, most of the times, my faves are tsundere or kuudere. :)


I just saw that Scarlet Fate stories are on sale in the paid app… $3.99 each USD until the end of the month… now I don’t know what to get because originally was going to buy the paths in My Fairy Tales…. ugggg….. I don’t have the money to get both… first world problems, right? :-)

Whoa. This is a good news! :3

While playing MFW Party Event

Yamato: “Wanna take a bath together?”

Me: *squeals* and then my phone shut down. no more battery. -_-




It’s back to school and we know you need some time to relax!

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